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After years of obedience training, retriever training and upland training the Foster Home has put together a collection of our favourite training equipment and accessories so that our customers can easily find exactly what they need to train their own hunting dog. Please visit www.birdbraingundogsupply.com today to check out our products or contact us for advice about training your gun dog.


With enough interest, I will be holding basic obedience classes again in the spring!

Contact me for more details.



     As of now, we only have one breeding female and, because her health is the most important thing to us, we only breed her once a year.


     Almost every day I hear from someone who is interested in our puppies and that was resulting in a long waiting list. It became clear that I had to do something different so I am doing what many other breeders do and asking for a small deposit ($100.00) to get on the list. This deposit will go towards the cost of your puppy but is not refundable if you change your mind or find a puppy somewhere else.


     I feel that this is the best way to ensure that everyone on the list is commited to taking one of our puppies even if the wait may be a year or more. If we don't have a successful breeding or we have very few puppies, everyone will roll to the next litter. Also, it gives me the opportunity to let people know exactly where they stand on the list and saves me time when contacting people.


     Your best bet is to contact me so that I have your name and get you to fill out our questionnaire. Even if you are not interested in giving me a deposit to stay on the list, you can keep looking and I can let you know if a spot becomes available. We are no longer taking names for the 2020 Spring list.



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